Edmark Group of Companies is a multi-million dollar company with market presence in over 25 countries and is involved in various business interests from manufacturing, exporting, distribution, and real estate development. EDMARK started as Ever Dynamic Marketing in 1984. It is from this name that the word EDMARK was conceived, with the letter “D” in the color red to represent its “perpetual dynamism.”

The company was initially involved in marketing other manufacturer’s products through live demonstration at counters in Malaysia, as well as in exhibits in other parts of the world.

It was through the vision of its Founder and Chairman – Mr. Sam Low Ban Chai that Edmark became one of the world’s successful brands and a company known for energising dynamic business principles with spiritual foundations.

Inspired by the people's spirit of entrepreneurship and the ability to create wealth, Sam brings a powerful multi-level marketing business model with EDMARK's innovative health and household products to the world. The opportunity to realise one's financial freedom and impact the lives of others is within grasp. Through enlightenment and education in the EDMARK Education System, success can be duplicated across all continents, communities, and cultures.


EDMARK's products are made without compromise when it comes to superior quality. We are ISO 22000:2005 certified and our GMP manufacturing plant in Malaysia possesses state-of-the-art equipment, industrial robots and energy saving and environmentally-friendly features.


You have taken the first step towards walking the EDMARK way to success. Thousands of people have improved their lives with EDMARK and you are in the company of people that will make you feel good now. We truly want to help you grow and fulfil your dreams in life!

You will soon find EDMARK as an opportunity to accelerate and improve your lifestyle. This is truly the path to financial freedom. Get ready to be rewarded for your efforts and experience growth in all aspects of your life!


Your success with EDMARK will be accelerated with the EDMARK Double Bonus Marketing Plan. A proven system and plan that consists of both the Point Sharing System and the Block System which maximises benefits and returns.

There are 9 GREAT BONUSES in the EDMARK Double Bonus Marketing Plan:

All in all, a staggering total payout of 71%! EDMARK’s total payout represents one of the highest payout and compensation in the industry today.

In addition, there are special free product redemption vouchers where qualifiers and achievers get free company products equivalent to the value of 10% of their sales volume. Super-achievers and leaders will obtain their hearts’ desires of owning a car or home that EDMARK pays for! You will soon notice that EDMARK builds leaders through this marketing plan.

Jump-Start your Business


In line with our mission of PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE SUCCEED , the following three steps represent the jumpstart needed to take the first step towards becoming an EDMARK Distributor. 

 Let us jumpstart you towards this success!


"It’s one thing to have a good business system, it’s extremely important to have good and reliable products that are relevant to our lives. Health and wellness represents something that everyone needs and this is something I can do for the rest of my life".



Every business needs a system. In EDMARK, we have one proven success system for you. Our EDMARK DOUBLE BONUS MARKETING PLAN is your jumpstart towards success.PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE SUCCEED is how you will succeed! When you go the EDMARK way, you are never alone. Your jumpstart becomes a success when you walk with others who share similar goals in life, which all culminates to the pinnacle of success.

EDMARK has plotted a path to success for every EDMARK distributor through a proven marketing plan called the EDMARK DOUBLE BONUS MARKETING PLAN. This rewarding plan comprises of 2 schemes widely used in the industry – the BLOCK SYSTEM and POINT SHARING SYSTEM, which will be taught to all distributors in the ways to maximise the plan for profit and sustainability. With these systems, EDMARK distributors will fully take advantage of the best of both worlds.


Edmarkers who understand the system will be able to follow these four (4) steps that will enhance and improve their quality of business with EDMARK.




Knowledge and know-how is power. A system is only as good as the person who puts it into action, and for you to commit yourself and your actions effectively and efficiently requires education. The EDMARK EDUCATION SYSTEM (EES) will empower you with the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary towards fulfilling your goals of success.


The EDMARK Education System (EES) is specially designed through decades of industry-wide knowledge that was garnered through action and application, and perfected through time while being updated with material that coincides with the current times.

The EES is specially designed through decades of industry-wide knowledge that was garnered through action and application, and perfected through time while being updated with material that coincides with the current times.

The way the world does business is constantly changing. We stay updated together, becoming a force for change, so you will be readily equipped with the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to succeed!

From how to get started, new distributors’ training to our products and success system, the EES will improve and empower you in ways you never imagined were possible.


The EDMARK family is ever-ready to help you begin this journey towards an exciting and rewarding future. What I have learnt through my time with EDMARK is to always ask questions! And be hungry for answers and solutions!



EDMARK is a family of like-minded individuals who seek empowerment and success in business, entrepreneurship, health and wellness. No EDMARK distributor walks the EDMARK way alone.

There is excitement and enlightenment when you become an EDMARK distributor. Get ready to improve your lifestyle and the way you do business!

We welcome you to get in touch with the closest EDMARK branch in your country. A list of countries and their relevant branch contact details which include address, Facebook page, and blog site will help you get started: https://edmarker.com/contact-us/ 


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